CAA Records

Define CAA Record

DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) enables the owner of a domain to authorize certain certification authorities (CAs) to issue a certificate for the respective domain.

After you have logged into your domaindiscount24 account, click on Domains - My domains and choose the domain for that you want to enter a CAA record.



In the domain configuration of the domain or subdomain for that you want to create the CAA record click on Edit.



In the following dialog box please scroll down and click on CAA.

In the field Property Tag select the desired TAG.

The following options are available:

- This property allows a CA, defined in the value field, to issue a certificate for the affected domain.

- This property works like issue, but for wildcard certificates and only for wildcard certificates.

- This property allows the domain owner to provide a contact option for CAs. These will be used if there is an abuse. Not all certifiers support this feature.

In the "Value" field, enter the permitted certifier (e.g. Comodo).

In this case, only Comodo should be able to issue a certificate for the domain "MeineDomain. de".

By clicking on "Add further DNS Records" you can add further CAA Records.

To complete the configuration, please click the "Save" button.





For more information on CAA records see:

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