How can I create my own nameserver set?

Nameserver Set

In your account you can create a generally valid nameserver set in the configuration of a domain.

This set can then be conveniently selected on the domain configuration page and deposited for a specific domain by means of an update.

You can also specify a saved nameserver set for new registrations of domains, if this is supported by the registry.




To create a nameserver set, please log into your account, click on Domains My domains and select the domain for which you want to create a nameserver set.



In the DNS configuration, please click on "Edit" behind the name of the domain.



Please select the Whois/Nameserver (1) tab.

In the Nameserver section (2) select the setting "External name servers" (3) and enter the desired nameserver (3).

If more than 3 nameserver are required, please click "Add" (4).

Please insert a checkmark at "Remember nameserver settings" (5) and enter the desired name of the set in the following field.



After saving, the set is available for you to choose from in the TYPE section.

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