How can I configure an e-mail forwarding?

Setting up pure e-mail forwarding

Please click in the section DOMAINS on My domains.




Configuration e-mail forwarding

In the DNS settings, please click on the edit button behind the domain name.




Under Mail settings (1) activate Redirect (2).

At source (3) please enter the alias (the part before "@") of the e-mail address from which you want to forward the message.
If neccessary, you can also use a wildcard (*) as an e-maill alias for the local e-mail address. The domain name ( the part after the "@") for the e-mail address to be forwarded is fixed.
At destination (4) please enter the (complete) target e-mail address. Finally click the button save (5).




Please note

There is merely a syntax check - the functionality or reachability of the destination e-mail address is not tested.



Please note

If you are already using a cPanel with a domain at dd24, e-mail forwardings have to be set up in the cPanel itself Hosting -> Hosting (cPanel) -> Login

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