Can I configure multiple domains at once? (Bulk update)

Bulk update: General remarks

Through your dd24 account you can modify multiple domains at once with our bulk update feature.

The following bulk update options are available:

  • Bulk DNS
  • Bulk WHOIS
  • Bulk nameserver

A bulk update is usually recommended if the same nameservers or the same WHOIS details shall be used for several domains.




Use extreme caution when using the Mass Update feature. If you send a DNS configuration in this way, it will be used for all selected domains.

If a domain previously had an MX record and no value is transferred in the field Mailserver (IN MX) during a mass update, a previously stored MX record is overwritten with an empty value and thus deleted.

Simirlary, if a value is specified in the field Mailserver (IN MX) during a mass update, this value is stored for all affected domains.

A false or non-existent MX record means that e-mails under the domain can no longer be received.



Select domains

If you want to perform a bulk update, select the domain to be configured in the overview.


Select multiple domains


Configuration selection

In the pull-down menu (1) select what you want to configure and click on Let`s go (2).

After you have made your selection, you are forwarded to the corresponding dialog box.



Bulk update DNS

In the DNS Settings dialog box, you will first see how many domains are being processed at the same time (1).

With Load domain configuration (2) you can select one of your previously created DNS-sets or accept the configuration of an already configured domain (3).

If it is a new configuration, the following options are available in the Web settings area (4):

- Redirect
- Link with IP (A/AAAA record)
- Frameset

In the Mail settings (5) you can choose whether you want only email forwarding (max. 8) or a link to certain MX records.

Further data like TXT / SRV / NAPTR (6) records can be stored in the corresponding ranges.

The TTL can only be set to 300 seconds temporarily.

Once you have entered the desired settings, click on Execute (7).





Please note

After the DNS of affected domain has changed, it will need some time until these DNS changes will take effect.



Bulk update WHOIS

In the contacts dialog box you will first see how many domains are being processed at the same time (1).

Here (2) you can decide whether you want to use

- the contact data from your customer account
- the data of a certain domain
- or the data of a WHOIS set that has already been created

If you have not yet created a WHOIS set, you can also select the corresponding contacts manually (3).

If necessary, you can create a WHOIS set via Save contacts for later use (4)

Once you have made your selection, click on Execute (5).



Please note

You can select the WHOIS settings for the corresponding domains.

If the changes are possible and free of charge, they will be implemented immediately.

If domains have been selected for that Whois changes are liable to pay costs, you will be forwarded to the shopping cart.

A trustee contact remains active until the trustee service has been successfully deactivated.



Bulk update Nameserver

In the Nameserver dialog box you will first see how many domains are being processed at the same time (1).

For type (2) the following options are available:

- External nameserver
- Standard nameserver
- Whitelabel nameserver
- Parking nameserver
- Load nameservers from domains
- Own nameserver set

If you select Load nameservers from domains or External nameserver and enter your own nameserver or select the domain (3), you can create your own nameserver set (4) from the selection you made in Save nameservers for later use.

To apply the settings, please click on Execute (5).



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