Where can I find the authorization code for my domain?

What is an authorization code?

The EPP Auth Code or authorization code is the transfer password of a domain.

If you want to transfer a domain a valid authorization code may be required, depending on the TLD.

You can request the authorization code from your current provider of the respective domain only.

After you have added the transfer request into the shopping cart you will get a notice if you need an authorization code for the transfer.

Auth Code for domain transfer

If you want to transfer a domain from dd24 to another provider/registrar (transfer out), you often need an Auth Code for the transfer.

  • If so, you can request the Auth Code for a domain registered with dd24 directly in your account.
  • If a transfer lock is set for a domain, the domain must be unlocked at first in order to transfer the domain.
  • Please note that not all domains can be unlocked.
  • Some registries - for example DENIC for .de - do not offer a transfer lock (status: ClientTransferProhibited) at all.
  • For some other TLDs (like .uk) auth codes are not supported. In this case ask your new provider how to transfer the domain.

Activate or deactivate transfer lock

A transfer lock can only be activated or deactivated using the DNS settings of the domain.

Transfer Lock Overviewzoom

In order to activate/deactivate please proceed as follows:

- click on the domain name

- in the DNS settings select the section Advanced (1)

- turn the button below Activate transfer lock (2) on (active) or off (inactive)

- click the Save changes button


State of the transfer lock

State "inactive": No transfer lock set or service not offered by the Registry.

State "active": Incoming transfer requests will be denied automatically and without further warning.

Transfer Lock Overviewzoom

Request the Auth Code

In order to request the Auth Code of a domain please proceed as follows:

- click on the domain name

- select the Advanced tab

- open the Transfer section (1)

- click the Request Auth Code button (2) below External Transfer





Auth Codes are sent to the email address of the account owner.
In rare cases the Auth Code is sent directly by the Registry to the email adress of the domain owner (according to Whois).

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