How long does a domain transfer take?

Expected time and procedure

The transfer time may vary and depends on various factors.

In many cases the transfer takes only a few minutes. However, in exceptional cases, a transfer may take even more than one week to be completed.

Both the expected time frame and the transfer procedure depend significantly on the registry policies and the TLD.

Once you have requested a transfer or a domain name registration via your dd24 account, you will get automated notifications if additional information - for example tax ID or Auth Code - is required.

Below you will find some basic information about common types of domain transfers.

.com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains

  • Must be released for transfer by the previous provider.
  • Such domains must be "older" than 60 days. The creation date as indicated in the WHOIS is the relevant date to determine the "age" of the domain.
  • The owner's/admin's email address specified in the WHOIS must be reachable because a confirmation email will be sent to this address. If the email addresses of owner and admin contact are different the confirmation notification will be sent to both addresses. The email will be sent automatically within one hour after the transfer has been requested via the dd24 customer account. After confirming the email, the previous provider receives a transfer request and the transfer is initiated on registry level. The successful completion of the transfer usually takes five to six days.

Once the transfer has been initiated, the previous provider will send an email as well. Via this e-mail the domain owner may reject the transfer process. A rejection leads to the termination of the transfer. Thus, you must not respond to the email sent by the previous provider if you want to proceed with the transfer.


.de domains

A .de transfer is done directly and without further confirmation once the transfer has been requested correctly with a valid Auth Code via the dd24 account. Thus, a .de transfer is usually completed succesfully within a few minutes.
Usually, you can manage a .de Domain via your dd24 account within one hour after the transfer has been started.


.ch domains

In order to transfer .ch domains succesfully a valid Auth Code is mandatory.

Please note:

Any costs which may arise for a transfer will be displayed in the shopping cart even before you submit the order.

All the above information was valid at the time of creating this wiki. The requirements may change from time to time, for example due to a change of the respective registry guidelines. Please consider this and contact our support team if you have questions.

Thank you very much.

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