What is a domain transfer?

Domain transfer

A domain can be transferred from one registrar (provider) to another via a so-called domain transfer.

In November 2004, ICANN established unified rules for domain transfers that are binding for all associated registrars.

These rules aim to make the transfer procedure easier and safer.



Please note:

A domain transfer is always initiated by the gaining (the new) registrar.



EPP Auth Code

There are several security measures to prevent unauthorized domain transfers. Many TLDs such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .de etc. stringently requires an authorization code in order to perform a transfer.

This EPP Auth Code (or "Auth Info Code" in the case of .de) is basically a transfer password. The domain owner receives the Auth Code on request from his registrar / provider.

Transfer lock

It is possible to set a transfer lock for domains within some TLDs such as .com and .net. A transfer lock can be identified by the state ClientTransferProhibited in the WHOIS of the domain. Before initiating a transfer the domain owner must request his current registrar to unlock the domain.

Property situation of a domain

A domain transfer does not change the property situation of a domain. The WHOIS data and the nameservers remain the same and do not change automatically. Basically, a domain transfer changes only the registrar that is responsible for the domain.


Please note:

  • If you still use the nameservers of your previous provider for the respective domain and if the provider delete the zone for the domain after the successful domain transfer, the DNS queries for the domain won't resolve any longer. This may lead to a failure of services provided under this domain for example a website and/or e-mail services. Please make sure that you take corresponding counter-measures to prevent such failures before you initiate a transfer.
  • After the transfer has been completed successfully you can administer the domain via your dd24 customer account.
  • If you want to use our DNS services for the domain please perform an update on the dd24 nameservers. If this update was successful you can configure the DNS of the domain directly in your customer account.
  • Usually, a domain update (modification of the WHOIS data and/or nameservers) is possible directly in the customer account and will be performed almost in real-time. Depending on the TLD there may be differences in the procedure and there may be additional costs.

If you need detailed information please contact our support team specifying your 8-digit customer ID and the domain name.




Please note:

All the above information was valid at the time of creating this wiki. The requirements may change from time to time, for example due to a change of the respective registry guidelines. Please consider this and contact our support team if you have questions.

Thank you very much.

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