What is an external domain?

Service: External domain / DNS Administration

Our service External domain [DNS only] is a DNS service for domains registered through another domain provider.
This means registering an "External domain" through dd24 is not a regular domain registration.

Using this service does only make sense if you already own the domain and if the current provider of the domain allows to use external name servers with the domain.

After you made sure this is supported you can register your domain as an "External domain" in dd24.

Name server sets

Afterwards you just need to update the domain with one of the following name server sets through the actual domain provider:


  • ns1.domaindiscount24.net
  • ns2.domaindiscount24.net
  • ns3.domaindiscount24.net


  • dns1.nsdns.info
  • dns2.nsdns.info
  • dns3.nsdns.info


Kindly note:

An external domain can also be useful if you want to use dd24 mail- or webhosting-services although the actual domain is hosted by another provider.

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