The shopping cart

Settings and changes

In the dd24 shopping cart you can check your settings, make changes, complete mandatory information or delete items.

In column (1) you can review the spelling of the domain name. You can delete it if necessary. Please check the domain name carefully because a successfully completed registration can`t be cancelled.

Using the pull-down menu (2) you can change the registration period of the domain if possible. Not all registries support domain registration periods of more than 1 year.

The status of the domain is shown in (3). The message "Information complete" indicates that the registration request can now be submitted. If required data is missing you will be informed (warning triangle). If additional services as Privacy Protection or a trustee service are available for a domain, you find this remark here.

To adjust the Whois data for your domains or to select other Nameservers click the gears icon. If you don`t change the information, the Account owner will be registered as domain owner and our standard nameserver (ns will be used.

You can activate the privacy protection for all domains in your shopping cart (4) if the Registry supprots this service.

To submit your order please confirm that you have read our Terms and Conditions (5) and click the "order now" button (6).


Shopping cart symbols

Depending on the TLD, the following symbols are displayed as options in the shopping cart

  1. Edit

    Here you can add Whois Sets or new Whois-Handles or other nameservers to the domain. Please remember that new nameservers should be preconfigured, otherwise it may occur (in case of a zone check by the registry) that the registration is rejected. By default, the account owner's data and our name servers are used.

  2. Warning Triangle

    Additional information is required for registration.

  3. Privacy Protection

    When a WHOIS is requested from the respective registry, a placeholder is displayed.

  4. Trustee Service

    A Trustee Service is mandatory for some TLDs. The Trustee Service may not be confused with Privacy Protection and as such is not suitable or usable.

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