Can I deactivate the domain renewal notification emails?

You can activate or deactivate the email notification feature in the Account settings in the section Notifications (1).

By using the on/off buttons you can customize the notification system according to your needs.

  • If you turn off the Renewal notification for a domain or product (2) you will not receive reminder e-mails for expiring domains or products any more.
  • If you turn on the button to receive email-invoices (3), you receive invoices in TXT format via email. In the field "Additional billing email address" you can enter an additional email that will also receive the invoices (5).
  • To receive a notification should your SEPA become invalid, activate option (4)
  • By clicking on the button "Save changes" (6) the settings will be saved.



Please note:

  • If a domain was set to "Delete at expiration" you will not receive any further email reminder.
  • If a domain or any other product expires due to lack of payment you will receive a cancellation invoice in which the domain or the respective product will be listed under "Service / Description".
  • If a domain or a product was accidentally deleted or disabled and you received a cancellation invoice, it is often possible to restore the domain or to reactivate the product. However, especially the restore of a domain is usually associated with significant additional costs. In such cases please contact our support team as soon as possible to learn what to do in order to restore the domain.
  • Because of the ICANN policy further email reminders will be sent for gTLDs (like .COM). These messages will be sent to the domain owner according to Whois. These ERRP reminders can not be disabled.
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