Will my domains be renewed automatically?

Automatic renewal

All offered products such as domains, cPanel, vServer, etc. will be automatically renewed if the account balance is sufficient or if configured an automatic payment method for your dd24 account (such as direct debit or credit card).

We recommend you to check whether the desired renewal option is set for your domains and whether the payment option is correctly configured in your customer account.

The current renewal option is displayed when you click on the respective domain in the domain overview (Domains - My domains)


Renewal Options

Depending on the TLD there are different renewal options. .COM Domains for instance can be renewed immediately or for a period of several years.

dd24 offers the following renewal options (depending on TLD):

1 Year at expiration: Default setting. The renewal invoice will be created 10 days before the domain's expiration, the renewal will be effected on receipt of payment.

1 year immediately: The renewal invoice will be created the same day. The renewal will be effected on receipt of payment.

Delete at expiration: Equates domain cancellation. The domain remains in the account and can be used until the end of the registration period.

Email notification before domain expiration

You will receive renewal notification emails in a frequency of 95, 60, 30, 7 and 2 days before the domain expires as long as you have activated the option Renewal notifications in your Account settings. If the option Renewal notifications is active and no renewal has been proceeded until two days before the domain expiry, you will receive a final email reminder. On the one hand these notifications are for your attention. On the other hand they provide you with the possibility to change the renewal settings if you want to delete the domain before an upcoming renewal.

10 days before expiration date

The renewal invoice will be created and sent to your e-mail address 10 days before the domain's expiration date displayed in your customer account.

As of this date the invoice is also available as downloadable PDF document in your account under Invoices.

Payment options

If you have entered valid credit card information or succesfully configured "Bank debit" as your payment method in the section Payment options the amount will be charged automatically.

If you have selected "Bank transfer or PayPal" as your payment option, the money must be transferred in time in order that the renewal can be processed. "Bank transfer or PayPal" is NOT an automatic method of payment.

Please note that if you want to use the payment option "Bank debit" the submission of a signed bank debit authorization form is mandatory. Under "Payment options" you can check if your account has already been activated for the payment option "Bank debit".

Please note:

  • If you have selected a manual payment option we must receive your payment within 10 days, but definitely before the domain expires (the domain's expiration date is displayed in your customer account).
  • If you have selected the option "Delete at expiration" you will not receive a renewal notification e-mail for this domain and we will not create a renewal invoice upon expiration date.
  • If a domain has been renewed successfully, the renewal can't be annulled.
  • In addition and regardless of the above mentioned email reminders so called ICANN ERRP-Reminder will be sent to the domain holder according to Whois.
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