My domain only resolves without www.

Domain only without www. reachable

If your website can only be reached without "www." this is can have diffrent causes.

Often the reason is an incorrect or incomplete DNS configuration of the domain.

Please log into your account and click on DOMAINS My Domains.

Select domain

Log in to your dd24 account. First click on Domains My domains on the left and then in the overview directly on the respective domain.



Edit existing subdomain

If there are already subdomains under the domain (e.g. "www"), please click on the edit button behind the corresponding domain name, enter the desired configuration and click on "save".



Create new subdomain

If the corresponding subdomain ( does not exist under the domain, you must create and configure it.
In the section Create new subdomain please enter the name of the desired subdomain and click on the button "Create subdomain".




  • Now input fields are opened, which you can use to configure the DNS of the new subdomain (e.g. CNAME, A-Record, etc.).
  • Once you have made all entries, click "save".


Further information

  • Please note that changes to DNS generally take several hours to be published and effective throughout the DNS.
  • This also applies when you first create a subdomain or host for the first time or change an existing A-Record or MX-Record.
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