How can I update the name servers of my domain?

What is a name server / DNS server?

Nameservers (DNS servers) are responsible for ensuring that the services offered under a domain are accessible. On the nameservers responsible for a domain, the so-called DNS zone of the domain is maintained.
A possible entry in the DNS zone would be: IN MX 10

This entry causes e-mails with the target e-mail address ending at to be delivered to the server with the name

Due to the above-mentioned entry, would be the e-mail server responsible for the domain
If you would like to use your own or an external DNS provider`s name server - instead of the (default) dd24 name server - a domain update is required.

With a domain update, the data (whois data and/or name servers) for a domain are transferred to the registry.



Please note

If you have been using dd24 mail or web hosting with a domain so far, this does not work anymore after an update to external namer servers.
Note this before you change the name servers for one of your domains.




Enter the name server for an external hosting provider

To enter the name servers of your external hosting provider, log in to your dd24 account.

First click on Domains->My Domains on the left and then in the overview directly on the respective domain.








Notes on external name servers

- "External name servers" allows you to use the name servers of an external DNS provider. You only need to enter the desired name servers (not the IP address of the nameservers).

- The configuration of external name servers cannot be done via our web interface, because we have no access to external name servers.

- If you want to use the dd24 name server, simply select the domaindiscount24 (default) name server instead.

- The Whitelabel name server offers the same functionality as our default name server. However. the name of the name server used does not allow an obvious conclusion to be drawn about the provider.

- The parking name servers can be used by you if the domain is not currently being used or is not intended to. Advertising is placed.

- If you select "load name server from domain" a further line appears for the name of the domain where the name servers you want to use are already in use.

- Please note that changing the name servers can take up to 8 hours or more until it becomes effective.

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