How can I create a whois set?

Create a Whois set

In order to create a handle set please click on Domains - My domains.


Click on the domain and then select the tab Whois/Nameserver (1)

Select the four desired contact handles that should be part of your new whois set (2).

Activate the checkbox Save contacts for later use and enter a name for the Whois set in the next field. Dont forget to save your entries.


A handle set has been created that includes the new contact handles. You can find it in the drop down menu.

Handle sets can be used for Whois updates and for new domain registrations.

Diverse domain owners or mass updates

If you want to register or manage domains for diverse domain owners or you plan to effect mass updates, a Whois set is the ideal solution. You don't have to choose the contacts individually but can rely on one of your Whois sets.

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