How can I create a new handle?

Create a new WHOIS Contact (WHOIS Handle)

In order to create a new contact handle please click on Domains My domains in the menu on the left.


Click on the domain and then on the Whois/Nameserver Tab.

Then click "+ New" button to create a new contact.


Review changes

Enter the new contact data and click "Save".

Save changes

A new handle with a new ID has been created and added to your drop down list.

Contact handles can be used for Whois-Updates, for new registrations or for the assignment to a Whois set.



Please note:

  • It is not possible to edit an existing handle. Even in the case of only small changes a new handle is created.
  • You can combine 4 Whois handles in a Whois set. To do so please activate the checkbox "Save contacts for later use" and assign a name for the set.
  • To use the contact data from your customer account, select "Use account details as contacts".
  • If you choose "Load contacts from one of your domains" you have to enter the name of the domain that should get the same contact information.
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