Can I pay via PayPal?

It is possible to pay using PayPal. Pleas proceed as follows:

  • Click on your account number (top right).
  • Select Payment method.
  • Click on My invoices in the PayPal field.
  • To effect the Paypal payment select the corresponding invoice(s).
  • You will be forwarded to the PayPal page and can authorize your payment after the login.
  • A PayPal payment to dd24 must be necessarily processed in the manner described above, oherwise a correct assignment of the payment is not possible.

Invoices via PayPal

Please note

The minimum for PayPal payments to dd24 is 10.00 Euro. The maximum for PayPal payments to dd24 is 1,300.00 Euro. Overpaid amounts will be automatically credited to your account balance. Priority will always be given to an available account balance and balance will offset against future invoices.

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