Balance information

Threshold reminder

Under Account settings - Notifications can be defined a treshold (amount in Euro) for your account balance.

  • In case the balance is below the defined threshold you will receive an email.
  • As long as your account balance is below the defined treshold, an email is sent once a day to the email address registered in your account.
  • You can maintain your account with a prepaid balance and you will be reminded automatically if your balance falls below the defined treshold.


An example

  • You have 3 domains in your dd24 account. The prices are 10, 15 and 20 Euro per year. In this case an advisable treshold would be 50 Euro.
  • Charge your account balance with an amount of 50 Euro and your balance is sufficient to pay the upcoming domain renewals.
  • After domain renewals have been effected, an daily email reminder informs you that your balance is below the defined treshold.
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