What do I need to know about the ‘Resource and Fair Use Policy’ while purchasing and using hosting?

We aim to offer a fair use of server and system resources to all of our customers on the hosting platform.

If you use our service indiscriminately for video / file sharing services, which we have explicitly banned, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your hosting account.

As per the resource and fair use policy accepted by you during the product purchase process, we will continuously monitor your usage of server and system resources. If you reach the threshold of what we consider to be unfair use of resources, you will receive an email from us, asking you to upgrade your plan.

Note: If you are already on the most expensive plan, then we will advise you to purchase a second plan to split hosting resource usage.

You will have a 7-day window to respond to our email, failing which your hosting account will be locked / suspended. At this point your websites will be offline and your emails will be blocked. You will need to contact our support team to unlock your account by purchasing an upgrade or a second plan.

Note: As long as your usage has not violated the hosting agreement accepted by you, our support team will unlock your account following a plan upgrade or a new plan purchase. If your usage has violated the hosting agreement, then our support team will advise you on the next steps prior to unlocking your account.

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