How to initiate the reissue for a certificate?

Reasons for a reissue

The reissuing of an SSL certificate may be necessary for different reasons.

A reissue is used, for example, if you want to change information in your SSL certificate or your private key is compromised.

When requesting a reissue, the same contacts and domain names as those associated with the original SSL certificate must also be used for the new SSL certificate.

How to initiate the reissue?

How to initiate the reissue?

Please select the certificate in the SSL section of your customer account.

The reissue of your certificate takes place in 3 steps via the assistant.

To start the process, please click on the Start assistant button.



As a first step, all you need to do is enter the new CSR in the appropriate field (CSR data). The system checks the CSR directly for correctness.

Only if the check is successful the "Next" button is activated

If the data is not correct, a message will be displayed below the field.




In step 2, select the desired hash algorithm.



Finally, a summary of the data is displayed.

If the data is correct and no further changes are required, please click on "Save" to save the data and to initiate the reissue.



After clicking on "Save" the new data will be transmitted to the exhibitor for further processing.

If the transmission was successful, your certificate will be listed under the menu item SSL with status "Reissue in progress".

At the end of the reissue, you will receive an e-mail.

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