What means the status redemption period, pending delete restorable, quarantine, transit?

Deletion phase

If a domain expires it enters the deletion phase. The whois output shows the deletion state of the domain: Redemption Period, Pending Delete Restorable or Quarantine. In these cases, the registration period of the domain hasn't been renewed.

Domains that have entered one of the mentioned deletion periods can often be restored by the respective registrar on payment of an additional (restore) fee.

Whether and how long a restore is possible as well as the amount of the restore fee depend on the TLD.

Please contact our support team if your domains were deleted and you want to restore them.

.com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains

Please note for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains:

  • The phase Redemption Period / Pending Delete Restorable lasts for 30 days from the expiration date of the domain.
  • Afterwards, the domain enters the phase Pending Delete. It keeps this state for 5 days. During these 5 days, the domain can't be restored or newly registered.
  • After these five days, the domain will be deleted by the registry and will be made available to the public for registration again.


.eu domains

.eu domains that has not been renewed enter the phase Quarantine and can be restored within 40 days after the deletion. After this period, the domain will be made available again for registration by the registry. If you want to know the exact day of the re-availability of a .eu domain, you can perform a WHOIS query for the domain at the registry: http://www.eurid.eu


.de domains

There is no such phase with .de domains. If a .de domain is not renewed in time including timely payment, the domain goes back to the DENIC (the .de registry) and enters the so-called TRANSIT state. But the domain can be transferred back to dd24. You will receive a transit letter from the DENIC and you can generate a AuthInfo Code following the instructions. With this code it is possible to transfer the domain back into your dd24 account. If you do not want to wait until you receive this transit letter you can contact the DENIC by phone in order to set an AuthInfo Code for the domain: https://www.denic.de/ueber-denic/kontakt/

As soon as the AuthInfo Code has been set, you can initiate the transfer of the domain by specifying this code. If you do not start a transfer, you will be charged by the DENIC for the management of the domain. If you want to delete the domain permanently please send a deletion request to the registry.

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